Mercury Made Me Do It!


I didn’t believe in astrology, or so I thought. I belonged to this forum where astrology was heavily discussed. They converted this heathen. Most people must have heard of Mercury retrograde. But what is it really?

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury orbits the sun for 88 days, compared to Earth’s 365 days. The retrograde happens when Mercury moves backward. It doesn’t really move backward, but it appears to be from our vantage point here on Earth. Imagine this: if you are in a car, and the car went past  you, you’d think it is going faster. If the car slows down and you move past it, it would seem like you are going faster. When Mercury is in retrograde, anything related to what it governs is affected.

Domains of Mercury

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, rules all types of communications. Anything related to speaking, listening, reading, buying, selling, codes, negotiations, contracts, and research fall under him. Transportation, travel, and shipping are also within his scope. When Mercury retrogrades, or is in a resting state, these areas are thrown into a tailspin because the planet that governs these areas is “sleeping”.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: December 3-22, 2017

The shadow period started two weeks ago. Mercury is most powerful on December 3-4, and the end date, December 22. Mercifully, Mercury will retrograde for the fourth and final time in 2017. If you have anything in your house that is under Sagittarius, expect double the drama because good luck censoring a blunt centaur. It wouldn’t be surprising for seemingly harmless conversations to graduate into quarrels, petty misunderstandings, shouting matches where everyone wants to have the last word, and frayed nerves.

In my case, Sagittarius is in my 11th house, the house of friendships. I should be careful in interactions with my friends. Mercury is also the ruling planet of my sun sign Virgo, so yeah, I can feel its effects already. My online transactions have been delayed, the sellers take their sweet time replying, clients are more grumpy, and I hate everyone.


Retrograde Survival Tips

I know, I should heed my own advice and staple this to my head!


  1. Go easy on yourself and pause, but it doesn’t mean life stops. Think of anything starting with the prefix re— review, renew, reassess, reevaluate. Review contracts and documents before signing. Reread emails, messages, and transactions. Reevaluate decisions and don’t be impulsive.
  2. Confirm travel plans. Go early to the airport. Double check to make sure you haven’t forgotten everything, like your passport, or your sense of humor.
  3. Reconnect with classmates or old friends. This is a good time for reunions and reaffirming bonds.
  4. Back up your electronic data, because it is the end of the world if your Iphone data gets erased forever, and you didn’t back up.
  5. Think before you speak. We might say things we could never recant. Be nice, and adhere to the Golden Rule.


  1. Overreact or fly off the handle if you hear something unpleasant. Verify everything first before jumping to conclusions.
  2. Sign contracts, agreements, and transactions without thorough review.
  3. Jump into the arms of the ex who cheated on you. During the retrograde, past lovers tend to crawl out of the woodwork and make an appearance.
  4. Buy vehicles, gadgets, and electronic equipment unless you have a good return and exchange policy. Better review their return and exchange terms.
  5. Be a meanie. Try to be the better person. I mean, how hard can it be? Just be a Hufflepuff!

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