At lash! Cebu’s Best (and Worst) Eyelash Extensions

Except for my body, most parts of me are thin or sparse — my hair, my brows, my patience, and my lashes. I’m not a big fan of make-up, it’s too time consuming for me. My make up arsenal looks lonely, my mascara and my curlash gather dust, and I hate falsies. I like to look polished, that subtle but classy I-woke-up-like-this-but-better look.

I started getting eyelash extensions almost two years ago. I wanted to up my lash game, plus it makes me look less malevolent. It was a trial and error to look for the best place that offers the service. I usually go for fine, medium (11 mm) lashes that don’t look too Kim Kardashian-esque.

I don’t do beauty reviews, unless something is really rave worthy. This is my honest and unpaid (I so wish it was haha!) review. I have no affiliations with these establishments.

iLash Sm City Cebu


  • It is located inside a mall, very convenient.
  • Lots of lash styles to choose from — even colored lashes if you are feeling bold!
  • They can accommodate many customers.


  • Depending on what kind of lashes, it can be a little pricey.
  • The staff weren’t too friendly, like they were bored or can’t be bothered.

Application time: 45 minutes to an hour

Review: I think they are the pioneer in eyelash extension services in Cebu. Someone recommended them to me. This was my first eyelash extension, so naturally, I took precautions and followed instructions. My lashes were modest – I opted for fine, natural looking ones. I was quiet surprised they weren’t heavy as I imagined them to be. They weren’t stiff, looked great, I was happy. But my happiness was short-lived. Not even a week old and my lashes started falling off. I went back, it was determined to be a back job so it was retouched for free. It could be the glue, or sloppy handiwork. The lashes lasted for almost 2 weeks. I don’t recommend them. I never went back.


Stylash Sm City Cebu


  • Nice interiors!
  • The staff was friendly and accommodating, even if I asked a lot of questions.
  • They also offer lash removal services, even if the client had her lashes made somewhere else. Some establishments don’t do this.
  • They are also located inside a mall.


  • They are way expensive than most eyelash salons.

Application time: an hour

Review: My lashes were stiff! I had them removed after a week. It was uncomfortable when I wear my glasses. I didn’t even get the long lashes. Could it be the kind I chose were too stiff? I’m not sure if I want to try them again.


Oh My Lash – Mandaue Branch


  • Though not located in a mall, it is near my place.
  • They are inexpensive. They offer discounts from time to time.
  • Quaint place, so call ahead for appointments.


  • Even with the sign Silence, customers were noisy. I wish the staff did something about it.
  • The staff seemed unfriendly. Perhaps I caught them on a bad day?

Application time: 1.5 hours

Twinkling Antibacterial Medium lashes by Oh My Lash


Review: This was my most recent eyelash extension. I had the antibacterial variety but my eyes were red and itchy afterwards. They did apply eyedrops, which alleviated the redness for awhile but it came back when I got home. I didn’t like the glue they used—it seemed too harsh, the smell was strong. The lashes look really nice but they were the most rigid lashes ever. Even when I was washing my face, I could tell the glue used was harsh because my eyes stung. My eyes started to itch again, so I had them removed. I’m sad about this experience. It’s a pity because I loved the way they looked — exquisite, not faggoty screaming for attention. I can’t recommend them, and I’m never going back.


Beauty and Beyond – Streetscape & City Times Square


  • They have a myriad of other beauty services too. It’s like a one-stop beauty hub.
  • Their beauty packages are reasonably priced. I’m a big fan of their facials with diamond peel.
  • They have monthly promotions.
  • The owner is very hands-on and takes complaints seriously.


  • Whenever I text them or call for an appointment, I sometimes don’t get a response.
  • Please get those small mini fans for your eyelash extension sessions.

Application time: almost 2 hours

Russian mink lashes from Beauty & Beyond

Review: I availed of their natural eyelash extensions promo. It was dirt cheap at 399. However, my first experience with them was unsatisfactory. At first, my lashes looked great! They weren’t stiff, felt light. Then they started falling off in the succeeding days. “Do I have cursed lashes or what,”  I started thinking. I honestly didn’t know why it happened. I followed all the after care instructions, and this wasn’t my first time. I left a review, and the owner reached out to me. She rectified that incident with a free Russian mink eyelash extensions at the Streetscape branch. After a month, I took her offer, and mannn, I was blown away! Honestly, I thought they were too much at first, but to the one wearing them, perceptions tend to be skewed. I realized this when I took a picture of it, and got compliments. I even thought they would feel heavy but they didn’t. They felt like the real thing, very light, and just gorgeous! When I posted this on my my Facebook, many asked where I had it done. I was booked at their Streetscape branch. It isn’t cheap (1,500) but totally worth it. Hands down the best eyelash extensions for me. I’m definitely going back!

When getting eyelash extensions…

  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Don’t wash them for 24 hours. Some would recommend 12-14 hours.
  • Sleep on your side.
  • When you are allowed to wash your eye area, be gentle when wiping. Just tap excess water.
  • If you want them to last longer (up to 4 weeks), avoid sauna, the pool, and the beach.
  • If you like wearing make up, use a gentle make up remover.
  • You can comb your lashes by using a clean mascara applicator (sans the mascara, of course!).
  • Rest your lashes too. Skip the extensions from time to time.

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