Beauty Is The Best Revenge With Peter Thomas Roth Skin Care

My bff since college, Jesus Marck (he absolutely hates it when I use his full name), was home from New York. We kept in touch regularly even when he was in the US. But whenever he is home, we try to spend quality time together. Perfect timing, as I really needed him. IMG_7571 2

During my awkward college years, he was my go-to guy for beauty and fashion tips, and dating emergencies—instant “boyfriend” whenever some drunken fool was harassing me in a bar or party, my rescuer during dates from hell, and the voice of reason who would give me a different perspective of things and snap me out of my guy dramas. And this recent homecoming was no different.

Marck & I

We were talking about the recent state of my love life. Just as I was about to cry, he gave me this look that says cry on the inside like the winner that you are! That stopped my tears in its tracks. His agenda to get over a heartache is quiet simple: get gorgeous!

When he came home last year, he was raving about the Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care line. With a matching eye roll, he was amazed I’ve never heard of it. He promised to bring me back some Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) goodies, and he did just that.

Beauty arsenal fit for goddesses!

I’ve only tried the anti-aging cleansing gel so far and wow! It made my face instantly radiant, like I had a good scrubbing, matte but dewy. I didn’t think that was possible. Some cleansers give you the mattifying effect but never dewy. It’s like I sprayed on MAC Prep+Prime. It’s been 2 hours since I washed my face as of this writing, but still no oil! If this keeps up, I don’t think I’d be needing my blotting papers. Too early to tell but it won’t be surprising if this becomes my next HG (Holy Grail) of cleansers. Very economical, just use a pea-sized amount (or smaller).

I wish I took a before and after pictures, but since I’ll be updating this review, I took pictures a few minutes ago as day 1 of PTR products. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the loot! I’m not very religious, but this is one of those times that I am—thank you Jesus!

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