Been there, Done that!

I was looking at my Facebook memories, and apparently, I made a blog 7 years ago. It only had one post. I’m not very good at maintaining a blog. Something always comes up, and I end up forgetting I had one. Not this time though. I intend to keep this one.

I’m reposting that blog entry here. It makes me remember the time I first read Liz Tucillo and Greg Behrendt’s He’s Just Not That Into You. The movie that followed was fun, but not as hilarious as the book.

No, this isn’t a review of that book which all women should read, IMHO. It’s about this snippet which I caught from a shout-out of a friend: If you want to keep your man, you have to drive yourself away from him. I was wondering what kind of weird science experiment she was in. Or it must be a reflection of her then current state of mind. Either way, it was both neurotic and exhausting.

It’s easier said than done actually. Least you think women are masters of deception and twisted mind games that send men into a tailspin, we are not. We are actually vulnerable but dangerous to a point, bordering on psychotic sometimes. Think Glenn Close of Fatal Attraction, or a specie of female spiders that devour their male after mating. But it all depends on the provocation involved, or what the guy has done to make a complete fool of himself.The bottom line is, men love the chase. This trait has been ingrained in the primordial man (hunting, u know). It’s in their DNA, and so is polygamy. Now, until the time comes that a woman scientist cwalkawayan restructure men’s DNA make-up, make him miss you, or let him think that your straying far from him, that somebody is on the prowl waiting to snatch you up, gorgeous. If you’re too close and always there, it’s either you are clingy, or you’re his mother. Put them on a pedestal and they’d think your world revolves around them, and that it is a license to hurt you.

Don’t hold on because you think there’ll be no one else. There will be. You’ve got to believe that you are worth more than being repeatedly hurt by someone. Believe that someone will see that you’re really worthy, and treat you the way you should be treated.

If all else fails, maybe it’s time to read Greg Behrendt’s book. And cut your losses by walking away.

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