My Lipstick Brings All The Boys To The Yard: The Best Lipstick Shades for Goddesses

I was doing some errands today. I dropped by Watson’s on my way to the grocery. There’s this lipstick that I really fancy. I have too my many lipsticks. But my inner voice quipped, “Said no woman ever!” I tried it on to see if it would look good as the time goes and went on my business. Then I passed by the alcohol section. Johnnie Walker Black label is on sale. Decisions, decisions. IMG_7926

I run on wine, sarcasm and lipstick. If there is one make up I can’t do without, lipstick has to be it. A lip without lipstick is like cake minus the frosting. It’s that baaaad! It can make or break an outfit. A lipstick is my best friend during sad days. I may be hurting, but on goes the lipstick. That’s right. I’ll be the prettiest wreck you’ve ever seen.

But my lips are choosy and sensitive. I can’t just wear any brand because they would itch. The brands I’m agreeable with are MAC, Revlon,Clinique, and NARS. I’m doing a review on the best shades for morenas (brown-skinned hot Filipinas). I consider these colors my HG (Holy Grail).


left to right: diva, brick-o-la, house wine & persistence

MAC Diva in Matte

  • Reddish burgundy, medium-dark warm-toned red in matte finish
  • Great staying power
  • Perfect for evenings, or those days when you just want to slap all the walking witless wonders.
  • This is one of those red lipsticks that can be worn during daytime too. It all depends if you are confident enough to pull it off.

MAC Amplified Creme in Brick-o-la

  • Warm plum, mid-tone pink berry creamy finish with a subtle shine
  • This is my new my-lips-but-better (MLBB) lipstick.
  • Staying power not as good as the matte lipsticks. Reapply after 3 hours.
  • Best for morenas, but looks good on fair-skinned women too
left pic, top to bottom: brick-o-la, diva, house wine. right pic: persistence

Mac Lustre in House Wine

  • Pink berry shade with a subtle shine, similar to Brick-o-la, but lighter and close to my lip color
  • This was my original MLLB lipstick. Sadly, it was discontinued.

Mac Persistence in Matte

  • Warm brown, peachy cinnamon shade in matte
  • The pang-datu nga shade (for the rich only) according to my make up artist LOL!
  • Great coverage and staying power, as expected of mattes
  • Looks good on both fair-skinned and especially morenas

MAC lipsticks cost P1,000.


I’m not a big fan of mattes because they feel heavy. But not this lipstick. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor liquid lipsticks are lightweight and velvety.  It has great coverage and staying power. I don’t often reapply when wearing this, even when I eat or drink. For a matte lipstick, it’s not drying. It has a little sheen when being applied, but it disappears once it has settled. I love the smell too! I think it was a whiff of vanilla and mangoes (this is just me). I alternate these with my MACs.

left: Kisses right: Addiction
top: Kisses bottom: Addiction

I’m one of those rare birds who don’t like pink. It is tricky for me to find a pink shade that doesn’t look gaudy on me. Enter Kisses and Addiction. I was over the moon when I discovered these shades. I can finally wear pink on Wednesdays! Addiction is a gorgeous plum berry shade. It is often the Reds that draw attention but this is one pink shade that does just that. Kisses is a medium rose shade. It looks like a muted version of Addiction. This is my HG MLBB (Holy Grail My-Lips-But-Better) liptick of the matte variety. These colors look good on all skin tones but striking on morenas. It’s a steal for P575.

Kylie Lipkit

I didn’t join the Kylie lipkit hype. Here in the Philippines, it was too expensive. Online sellers made a killing, and it was always out of stock. Then my sister-in-law gave me some. When manna from heaven falls, do you not partake?

left: Ginger right: Mary Jo K

Sure, Kylie Lipkits are nice. It comes with a lip liner for precision. They are highly pigmented, and really difficult to remove. It’s a kiss proof liquid lipstick. I don’t reapply when I use this. Whenever I wear this, I exfoliate my lips and put on some lip balm first. Yes, it’s very drying. Otherwise, I would see cracks. So not sexy when that happens. Line your lips first, then fill them in. Just dab the liquid lipstick on the center of your lips, then tap to dry. Don’t go overboard. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel heavy.

Ginger is a warm terracotta shade. Not a big fan of nudes, except for this one. It’s just the right nude for me, understated but obvious. Mary Jo K is a true blue red. I wear this when I want to stop traffic, anyone in their tracks, the rain, God.

I’d never buy these for myself. There are other better, cheaper alternatives. But if someone gives me some again, I’d be crazy to say no. Kylie lipkits cost around P2,000-3,000.

Whisky or lipstick? Can you guess what I bought?

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