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Lately, I’ve been on the look out for anything new and interesting — odd news, new haunts, obscure beaches. I found this by chance, a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Carcar with a catchy name, 1878. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this restaurant (must be Facebook?) but I made a mental note that the next time I find myself in the south of Cebu, I will visit this place.

the old house with a green gate

I got the chance when my family went to Badian. On our way back to the city, I decided that we should have lunch in 1878. I used Waze (not very reliable) to find the place, and we got lost for a bit. The locals were very helpful though. When in doubt, always ask the locals. The turn of the century house, a lot of foliage — yay, we’ve arrived! We were famished!

1878 Restaurant was a fusion of old and new — old house, old furnishings, with touches of Taylor Swift wafting through the walls, and good old-fashioned Chinese cuisine.  Most of the interiors were either recycled and Philippine-made or both! For instance, some chairs were made of tires, and old Capiz windows. The place gave off a homey, nostalgic vibe. No, I didn’t see any ghosts walking through the walls.

The food was served fast, maybe they could tell from our murderous faces that we were hungry? We had bird’s nest soup first (not in the pics). It was served pipingly hot! It is a pet peeve of mine when soup is served lukewarm or cold. Not comparable to Majestic’s, but it was good. I usually gauge a Chinese resto by it’s bird’s nest soup, but that’s just me. If it’s bad, everything goes downhill from there. My only “complain” though was it didn’t have quail eggs, it had ham bits instead. Overall, the food didn’t disappoint.

the menu

Good food, reasonably priced, generous servings, prompt service, would I come back? Totally! Now, where is this place exactly?

1878 Restaurant
San Jose St., Poblacion 1
Carcar City, Cebu
Tel. numbers – (032) 487 7145

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