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I was talking to my boyfriend Chris about my blog. He wondered why I didn’t have blog entries for October. I was busy with work, I told him. Now that I have all the time in my hands, I said I would write about creepy, scary stories since it is almost Halloween. He suggested that I write about local legends and myths as well. Chris is Navajo, ghosts and creepy stuff are not strange to him too. I’m tackling horror stories first.

Most of these stories happened in my house. The land where it stands used to be a Japanese camp during the war. Several psychics have visited, and the consensus was, our land was soaked in blood. Blessings and cleansing ceremonies had been conducted. It is generally tame now. Those who lingered are just playful. They aren’t really bothersome, but they tend to be active during certain times. We’ve come to accept that we have housemates. There were too many weird things that happened. I’m picking the ones that I couldn’t forget.

The Tall Black Man


By black, I didn’t mean race — a tall “man” that wore all black, who didn’t have a face.

When I was in college, it was my habit to go home a bit late (but not all the time). My late aunt, who was my father’s younger sister, was visiting. My aunt was weird by normal standards – she was psychic, and a very sensitive one at that. She saw things, made predictions which came to pass. One night, I got home and found her in the kitchen. I did a mano po (Filipinos’ way of showing respect. Think giving respect to The Godfather). There were two doors in our house — the main door and the kitchen. My back was to the kitchen door when my aunt told me something that stopped me in my tracks. “You should stop coming home late,” my aunt said. “Why?” I asked, a little annoyed. She said that there was a tall, black man behind me. I almost jumped when I heard that. Mind you, I was a little drunk, and I think I sobered up in 2 seconds. “What black man?” I asked, aghast. She said she saw this tall, black man milling about outside the house since she got here. She couldn’t see his face, only that he wears this long, black coat. His hair was a bit long and unruly. He couldn’t enter our house as it is well protected. This entity goes with me wherever I go, she said. He didn’t seem to want to harm me, he was giving off a protective vibe. She was adamant that he wasn’t human. I stopped going home late after that.

The Watcher from the Window


I live in a 2 story house. The multimedia desktop just came out. My dad bought one, and naturally, everyone was abuzz about it. It used to be located downstairs. I used to stay up late at night on the computer, with all the windows open. I used it when everyone else has had their fun. This was all good until my late aunt (again) took me aside. “Don’t stay up too late downstairs,” she said. What is it now? “Did you ever feel like someone was looking at you whenever you are down there? Felt someone blow on your ear or on your face? Did your computer often shut down for no reason, or the lights flickering?” I said yes under my breath but all I could mutter was why. She said there was this faceless entity who keep looking at me through the windows whenever I was down there late at night. This wasn’t the black man, it was something else, and had a nasty vibe.  It had been trying to get inside the house but was unsuccessful. I decided it was best we moved the computer upstairs. Nevertheless, my late night computer sessions stopped.

The Man by the Sink

In our household, nobody really sleeps regular hours. When my brother still lived with us, he would be up at odd hours too, just like me. One night, around 230 am, I went down to do some business in the bathroom. We usually leave the bathroom door ajar when it is late so that light could stream into the kitchen. Anyway, I was reading something (a habit when in the bathroom) when I thought I saw someone passed by.  “John, is that you? Are you up?”,  I called out. I didn’t get a reply so I figured, he must be grumpy or just ignoring me. I heard movements in the kitchen, and I thought the water was left running. I called out again and asked what was going on. I peered my head through the bathroom door and I saw someone standing by the kitchen sink. And it wasn’t my brother. This guy was wearing camisa de chino (turn of the century Filipino shirt) and dark gray trousers. He turned his head sideways toward me, as if saying “Oh, I didn’t see you there.” I could discern he was in his 30’s. It is still vivid in my memory—how he turned his head to look at me, how tall he was, his clothing, but strangely, not his face. I honestly couldn’t remember how I left the bathroom, if I flushed or washed myself, or how fast I ran. I just found myself in my bedroom, huddled and confused, wondering if I sleepwalked or dreamed it. We kept chamberpots in the room until now after I told them about that incident.

The Playful Housemate


Chris nicknamed him Casper. I told him about some creepy happenings as of late. He said why not write about Casper as well. Casper has been turning appliances on — aircon, the TV, the fan.

The aircon is in my room. I would turn it off, and I’m not even out the door yet, it would turn on. Or I would be downstairs, I would hear it being turned on. My mom heard him too, and would just dismiss it.

There was this recent incident with my brother John. He just came home from Qatar. He liked sleeping in the living room as it was airy. He turned on the fan, kept it in a moving direction. He would wake up shivering and find the fan pointed steady at him. This happened many times, and he would be like, “I’m so sleepy. Quit it and let me sleep.” He also felt like he was being watched. The same incidents happened to my uncle as well.

Something happened recently. I texted Chris about it as it happened. I was home alone. It was daytime. I turned the TV off and went to my bedroom. From my bedroom, I was surprised to hear TV blasting on. I thought someone came home. I went down again and turned it off, unplugged the outlet. I didn’t even reach my bedroom when I heard it being turned on. Before anyone says it could just be a mechanical or electrical thing (or I was losing my mind), trust me, I checked and properly investigated. Being exposed in the paranormal field, I don’t easily jump to conclusions, and often try to keep my wits about. I didn’t get scared, until I remembered the outlet was unplugged, I was alone, and it started to rain hard.

When I’m bored (and a little unnerved coz he is up to his usual antics), I would sometimes talk to Casper. “Why don’t you bring me gold, or give me winning lottery numbers. Make yourself useful for once.” Things die down whenever I say that.

The Haunted Condo

I was staying in this condo in the Mandaluyong area. It was pretty cheap for a one bedroom condo. It was later on that I realized why.

When I first entered the condo, I felt like I was pushed, and it took me by surprise. It was as if I was intruding. The atmosphere felt heavy. Mind you, the place itself didn’t look menacing or remotely scary. It was tastefully decorated, with all the modern amenities, and the walls were in ecru. There was this big mirror in the bedroom, facing the bed. I never liked mirrors facing the bed so I covered it. I tried to get a sense of the place and I felt unease. I also kept getting lightheaded. I brushed it aside.

the tap looked like this

On the first night, my cousins in Manila came to visit. That night, we were drinking together with my then boyfriend. Around 2 am, everyone left. I cleaned the condo, then got ready to shower and do other nightly rituals. I went to the bathroom first to shower and suddenly, the shower turned on. I was taken a back, but not scared. Must be the water pressure, I said. I decided to brush my teeth instead. To turn on the water, there was this tap where you pull it up to turn the water on, pull it down to turn off. Before I could even put my hand on the tap, I saw it being pulled up slowly. AAACKKKK!!! I ran as fast as I could downstairs. The night guard was surprised to see me, especially when I was just clad in a towel, barefoot. He asked what happened. I didn’t tell him, I only said I need him to accompany me to unit xxxx. “Did you say you are staying in unit xxxx?” he repeated. I nodded and the guard said, “Why don’t I get you a blanket and just stay here in the lobby until there is daylight?” Gathering from his sudden nervous look, I didn’t ask why as I was shook. My boyfriend came as soon as there was daylight. We moved out right then and there. I didn’t tell him what happened until we were safely out of the building. He was glad I didn’t.

Later on, I did some digging and found out that someone committed suicide in that unit. I was the fifth renter after it had been vacant for 6 months. Most of the renters couldn’t stay long too. The last time I passed by that place, I saw that they changed the name of the condo.

It’s 215 am now and I need to go downstairs to brush my teeth.

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