Lady in Red

Last week, my friends and I decided to prowl on Halloween weekend. I had no plans of buying a costume coz I’m a scrooge (hehe). Around mid-week, I changed my mind and decided that I didn’t want to go. Come Saturday morning, a friend was trying to convince me to come, and not be a hermit.

I relented and thought of being The Lady in Red Jacintha Magsaysay/Lia Ortega. She’s a character in a popular TV show here. She is a vampire-werewolf hybrid.


Pretty easy costume—just wear a form-fitting black dress, some fangs, yellow contacts and a red hooded cape.  I bought a red cloth, and made my cape in 30 minutes using this Youtube tutorial. For the fangs, I bought fake nails. I filed them into a shape of a fang. I used dental adhesive to stick them on my teeth. Sadly, it didn’t hold long especially when you drink because later on, I lost one of my fangs.

We watched a live band, and they covered Coldplay songs.  We went barhopping afterwards. I ditched the cape and the heels because it was hot and I couldn’t move fast. It was fun, met a lot of crazy, weird people. I met this guy who came as Ironman. He introduced himself as Tony Stark. I thought he was just being in character, but it turned out that that was really his name lol!

So how was your Halloween?

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