Look Ma, No Falsies! Lash Lift At Cebu’s FABLAB Aesthetics

I first heard about FABLAB Aesthetics from a girl friend. She had a lash lift, and it looked so natural! I made a mental note to try it before my trip to Singapore later this month. I got my chance last September 28. I had a Fab Lash Treatment—a combination of keratin lash lift, lash tint, lash botox and collagen under eye treatment. Basically, it’s like my lashes had a rebond and then a brazilian treatment all in one. The results? Va-va-voom lashes that can stop any man in his tracks.

What is keratin lash lift?

It is a procedure to curl your lashes using a keratin based treatment. An alternative to falsies and extensions, a keratin based treatment is good for your lashes because keratin, an amino acid, strengthens the hair. This isn’t like the outdated lash perms where harsh perm and ammonia based chemicals are used.

Left, before. Right, after.

How long does the curl last?

With proper care, the lash lift lasts for 8 weeks.

Does it hurt?

No, just a very minimal sting which goes away on its own. Heck, you won’t notice it if you fall asleep while having your lash treatment. I’m very paranoid about my eyes. Any stinging or itchiness, I’m never trying it again.

Fab Lash treatment, how many hours?

I started at 1:45 pm, I was done by quarter to 5, so free your afternoon when going for this service.

How much does the treatment cost?

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, trust me. A Fab Lash Treatment costs 1,500 for the initial service. If you opt for a retouch later on, it will only be 1,000.


  • No stinging or itchiness
  • If you have long lashes like me, this is perfect for you. You can retire your Shu Uemura eyelash curlers with this one, and definitely no more falsies or eyelash extensions!
  • Choose this for Instagrammable lashes—this is the I-woke-up-like-this look.
  • My lashes don’t bump against my eyeglasses, which is a pet peeve with extensions.
  • With lash lift, no more aversions to the pool or the beach, unlike extensions. Perfect for mermaids like me!
  • The staff is very accommodating and well-informed. The owner, Janie, was hands-on and down to earth.
  • The ambiance of the place is perfect for relaxing and girl bonding moments.
  • Free naps come with the service. ?


  • It only lasts for 8 weeks. I know I know, all women want their lashes to look perfect forever!
  • You get asked all the time where you had your lashes done or if they are extensions. Prepare to be grilled by your girl friends or random people you meet.

DO’s and DON’Ts


  • Use only non waterproof fiber mascara for a more dramatic effect
  • Comb your lashes with an eyelash brush from time to time so that they don’t get tangled


  • Wet your eyelashes for at least four hours. I didn’t wet mine for 12 hours. FYI, the lashes look better the day after you had your treatment.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Rub your eyes. Be gentle with your peepers—you’re a lady, not a barbarian.


Buy a non-waterproof, washable fiber mascara if you want more dramatic lashes. Look for in2it Fiber Mascara, which is currently out of stock everywhere as of this writing.


I work online at home during US hours, so most of the time, I look like a raccoon. This treatment is a must for people who work odd hours like me. Check out this pic taken right after my shift—totally faking the well-rested look when in reality, I hadn’t even slept yet.

A good friend doesn’t let her friends have short lashes so I’m sharing this to my friends and all the fab ladies out there. Life is good when your brows are on point, and your lashes, speaking louder than words.

FAB LAB Aesthetics

Ground Flr, FLC Center, Hernan Cortes Street
Mandaue City 6014

For appointments, call 0917 322 2079

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FabLabAesthetics/

Instagram: fablab.aesthetics

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