Nailed It! Cebu’s Best Nail Technicians

Have you had ingrown nails? Some people are predisposed to them. I was told by some friends living abroad they go to a podiatrist when they are unlucky to have one. Here in the Philippines, podiatrist are for very serious cases and you have some cash to burn. The majority of us call on all the saints and pray nobody steps on our toes, and then go to our trusted nail technicians.

But not all nail technicians are created equal. Some are gentle, while others wield the cuticle pusher like an axe murderer—you feel like they’re about to hack your fingers or your toes off any second. The best ones can take out the ingrown nails minus the excruciating pain. They can even revive dying nails. Having the best nail technician is like finding needle in a haystack. I’m feeling benevolent so I’m going to share mine. When I say they are the best, I swear by it because I am someone whose pain threshold for anything nail related is low.

IMG_4833_opt1. Jelyn Austria of Salon de Rose, SM Cebu branch

Nobody does my pedicure except her. I’m not predisposed to ingrown nails but if I don’t get a pedicure for more than 2 weeks, my toes start to ache. I’ve tried others, because sometimes I feel lazy going to SM, or when she’s not available, and I often regret it. She has gentle hands, and pain is very minimal to none. No one else but Jelyn for my pedicure. Try her and say you read about her from Jen’s blog. I asked her permission that I’ll post about her here. And for the love of God, tip her!


2. Loridien “Gigi” Ramos of Salon de Rose, SM Cebu branch

I found Gigi when my mom had a dying nail. She couldn’t find her old pedicurist so she was thinking of going to a podiatrist because it was very painful. I called one of my good friends Bobby, who was the head of Salon de Rose HR at that time, and asked for the best nail technician in all their branches. He recommended her. She saved my mom’s nail. My mom started calling her Dr. Gigi after that. She never goes to anyone else except Gigi.

3. Aiza of Beauty and Butter, SM branch

This is my go-to place for manicures, and she is my new go-to manicurist in this place. I love Beauty and Butter for the variety of  brands and colors to choose from. Plus points: nice interiors and wifi. They also have a service for nails that need “rehabilitating”. I used to be a big fan of gel nail polish, until they made my nails brittle. This nail spa recommended that I use the Naked polish—they are best for ailing nails. How are my nails? They are recovering, thank you very much. I only use Naked, or Orly Breathable now. No more gel polish for me.

Though my favorite nail technician is Jelyn, I let Aiza take care of my manicures now. She is a very recent discovery. She has gentle hands too, and listens to instructions.

Ingrown nails shouldn’t hold anyone hostage. A woman should only be helpless when her nail polish is drying. Don’t be a Neanderthal—get a manicure and a pedicure! Life isn’t perfect, but your nails can be.


Salon de Rose SM Cebu Branch – (032) 232 0689

Beauty and Butter, SM Cebu Branch – 0917 5925 331


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