Of Things That Go Bump at Night

Do you believe in ghosts? This sounds like a tagline of a defunct show in the 90’s. Some people laugh whenever this subject is brought up, some, with a healthy amount of skepticism, like to indulge. But we are living in stranger times, and strange things happen.

I didn’t take this picture but this was one of my last cases. Can you see it?

I used to be highly active in the paranormal field. I belonged to a group of paranormal investigators. No, we were not like Ghostbusters or those ridiculous made for TV ghost shows. We studied and observed anomalies as we call it, in a scientific way (yes, there is such way!). Most of the time, we get called for disturbances that can’t be explained. Usually, lay people call it a haunting. The legit cases we handled usually involved these two types.

Two types of haunting:

  1. Playback ghost – They are not really ghosts, but more like residual energy, or imprints. These “ghosts” are not sentient, meaning they don’t engage you when you talk to them. Example would be ghosts of soldiers marching in abandoned military camps. They march at a certain time or day. Seeing them can be a little jarring, but they don’t harm.
  2. Earthbound entities – They are of two types, mainly discarnate humans and elementals. Discarnate humans are spirits of the dead that appear to the living in bodily form. These are the real ghosts. Elementals are nature spirits that represent the four elements of water, earth, air and fire. Gnomes, undines, fairies are examples. Earth elementals like dwarves usually guard something. Some of these entities are malevolent, playful, territorial, some are of dual nature.

Four types of apparitions:

  1. Crisis – This type of apparition happens when someone is in great physical distress, or dying. Example would be someone suddenly seeing a relative, who happens to live far away. At that exact moment, that relative is severely incapacitated or dying, and that was his way of reaching out for help. This is fairly common.
  2. Experimental – The word says it all – someone is consciously projecting an image of themselves over great distances. This is done by a living person. Examples would be doppelgangers, bilocation, and thoughtforms. Astral projection and poltergeists fall under this type too. Why poltergeists? Poltergeists in the movies are not properly researched. It is not caused by evil spirits (insert eyeroll here). This phenomenon happens when a pre-teen or adolescent child/children is acting up. Yes, it has something to do with teens. The first thing we ask when claims of poltergeist activity happen is are there children in the area?
  3. Postmortem – This apparition occurs 12 hours after death. Sometimes you can see them in the form they died (scary I tell you).
  4. Haunting – This apparition happens when death was tragic or there are unresolved issues. They usually appear to loved ones, but they are more tied to a certain place, or a specific object. You can engage them (please don’t) as they are sentient. They can be scary, especially when they appear in the form they died. I’m not fond of antiques and there is a reason why. Haunted objects are usually made of wood or stone. It is easier to imprint or attach to those materials.

There are certain places where apparition is common. It has something to do with the ebb and flow of people, the emotions they leave, and the energies they emit.

Top 6 Apparition Places

  1. Hospitals
  2. Churches
  3. Motel/hotels/retreat houses
  4. Schools
  5. Halfway houses
  6. Places of great pain and suffering.

For a very detailed explanations on this matter, email me.

Questions people often ask

  1. How do you get rid of ghosts? That’s what paranormal investigations are for. You have to know the reason why they are there in the first place. Why does it haunt a specific place, at a certain time? Bringing a priest and dousing the area with holy water doesn’t work all the time. Know the reason first, or if there is indeed a ghost. Do you get rid of a Buddhist ghost with a Catholic priest? No. It will not work. Different strokes for different folks, it depends on the school of thought you are practicing.
  2. Can they hurt you? The really malevolent ones, yes. This isn’t very common. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.
  3. Can they possess you? No. Real possessions are very, very rare.
  4. What to do when there are ghosts? Run and call all the saints in heaven! Just joking! Wear black tourmaline with quartz, burn sage if you have some, and play Disney music (yes, you read it right), like You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. They thrive on fear, so try not to let your fear overcome you (impossible, but doable).
  5. How do I know if there is a ghost? If they are headless and walks on air, definitely a ghost! Kidding! Normally, electrical disturbances like flickering of lights, batteries dying down, electrical appliances malfunctions. Before you scream ghost, please check first if there is a power outage. They are also active after a thunderstorm. Whenever they are there, my head feels like it is getting bigger, the space between my eyebrows throb, I feel a little dizzy or lightheaded, I seem to go deaf or as if all the sounds have been sucked out of the place, the hairs on my nape and on my face stand, sudden change in temperature of the room.
  6. I want to open my third eye! How? My question is why in God’s green earth would you want that? It is not for fun or just to feel powerful (insert another eyeroll).
  7. This is utter tripe. I really want to see a ghost, prove it and how? For the incredibly brave and stupid, shortcut would be doing a Ganzfeld experiment. I truly DO NOT recommend it. I personally know someone who stupidly did it, coz he was bored and why the not? It ended up with him calling me because he felt like he was losing his mind. You have been warned.
  8. If so, why lay it out for everyone to know? To say that it can be done, yes. Little knowledge is dangerous. DO NOT DO IT if you don’t know what you are doing, or know how to get rid of the after effects.

If you think you are bothered by anything weird, I can hook you up with the paranormal experts here in Cebu or in Manila.

And yes, ghosts are everywhere all the time. One could be peering over your shoulder as you are reading this.

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