The See-food Diet

The women in our family are seldom thin. Most of us were blessed with ample bosoms and hour-glass figures, until we give birth. After having my son Seth, I resembled a whale. Through the years, it was a hit or miss battle with the bulge, especially when I hate exercising. I miss the days when I could eat anything, have beer, and not gain an inch. The only good thing is when I get serious with dieting, I lose weight fast.

Dieting is very challenging as Filipino cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, among others. So many food, so much calories! Case in point, salpicao. Nobody really knows the origin of this food. Some say it was Chinese or Spanish/Portuguese. Salpicao is a beef or pork dish cooked in olive oil, a little oyster sauce, liquid seasoning, chili (optional), and pepper. This is my ultimate comfort food. It goes with anything—rice, bread, or Johnnie Walker. I think this dish should be a major food group

I’m not a big fan of Japanese cuisine but lately, I’ve been craving them. It doesn’t help that Chris sends me pictures of Japanese food that he usually cooks. One of my close friends is into Japanese food. Most of the time, we would go to a Japanese resto, and I don’t complain anymore.

Most of these are Chris’ cooking, except for the yakiniku. It’s sexy when a man can cook. I guess I’ll never go hungry, or be stick thin.

I was thinking of going on a diet again, but my timing couldn’t be more off. Christmas in the Philippines is absolutely the worst time to go dieting. After the holidays, it is back to healthy living, eating wheat bread, and crying over a salad. The time to eat and be merry is upon us because frankly, no good story ever starts with “so I was eating a salad…”

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