Singapore Swing

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about my Singapore trip. Don’t get me wrong, I had a grand time. Something happened there that sort of left a bitter taste in my mouth. Yet here I am now, I’m over that incident, but it definitely won’t happen again.

This wasn’t my first time in Singapore. Last 2016, I was on my way to Malaysia when I had a brief stopover at Singapore’s Changi Airport. I explored a bit, and fell inlove with the airport. I made a mental note that I will go back and explore the city. That plan came true when Chris had a business meeting there and took me with him. I left the Philippines on February 17 on a red eye flight, and arrived in Singapore around 2 am, February 18. As soon as I stepped off the plane, the familiar smell of the airport greeted me. Singapore here I come! My sister couldn’t fetch me, so Chris did. I did a little shopping at Duty Free as I was told alcohol in Singapore is expensive.

We took an Uber to the hotel, had some drinks, and it was off to lalaland. I was exhausted. The following morning, we went around exploring the Geylang area on foot. I hate walking, but not in Singapore. The city was very clean! The first two days was spent food-tripping and barhopping. Singapore was a very safe city according to my sister, and I concurred. Even when Chris and I were walking around the wee hours of the morning, not once did I feel unsafe. We transferred hotels and moved to Holiday Inn in the Katong/East Coast area. Once we were settled, we went around window-shopping at the mall nearby then watched Black Panther.

Dirty ice cream, Singapore style
A Singapore experience would be incomplete without chili crabs!
The 3 fools who attacked a chili crab, and lost! 
Hokkien mee – a must-try in Singapore

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Singapore was Platform 1094. It’s a Harry Potter themed cafe, and being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was so excited to have a butter beer! Chris, however, was no Harry Potter fan. I was just happy some magical dust rubbed off on him and he took me there! I was so giddy! I tried the other popular magical potions they had. I didn’t want to leave. Thank you baby!



I wanted to go to Universal Studios, but I was pressed for time. I went to the Garden by the Bay instead, and spent the whole day exploring it with a friend I met in Singapore. Later that night, my sister and I went to Marina Bay to chill and check out the city lights.

My sister works there as a nurse. I’d love to explore it again when she isn’t too busy. Next time, I’m going to Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo. I can’t get enough of this beautiful city-state! Singapore, I’ll be back!


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