The Attitude of Gratitude

Five years ago, a friend of mine introduced the Science of Mind concept to me. If you are familiar with The Secret, Science of Mind (SoM) is the in-depth version. It’s where The Secret was based on. The theory behind SoM is easy enough to understand. Practicing it, however, is another thing. There had been so many improper mind conditionings we were exposed to that it takes time to make new neural pathways. One practice in SoM that helps ease you into the SoM state of mind is the gratitude diary.  Look for the book Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes for a more detailed explanation of SoM.

Everyday, upon waking up, find something to be thankful about. It could be big, or mundane. Make a gratitude journal. Write the things you want to manifest. Write about what you are thankful about, even when you don’t feel like it. In my case, I do the gratitude journal when I’m about to sleep at 5 am, after work. I’d read a page from my daily affirmations for a dose of positivity and inspiration. I do my morning sun salutations, and go to sleep hoping for a better day when I wake up. 

When I was a student of SoM, we had journals. These journals were like our personal book of shadows. A few days ago, I chanced upon my first journal, and I found something I scribbled during one of our feng shui lessons. I wrote I wanted a job where I could be myself, no filter, an awesome boss, great people to work with, etc. It was a tall order at that time, but hell, I wrote what was in my heart. I had a good job, but I was constantly feeling burned out. Something was missing, and I couldn’t put a finger to it. Now, I have the job I was just scribbling about.

I’ve learned to pay attention to the little things and try to look for reasons to appreciate the day and again, give thanks. If my day didn’t turn out good, I have mastered the art of cutting myself some slack for being imperfect, and let go of things I have no power to change.

I’m sharing this attitude of gratitude practice because today, I looked back to the days I prayed for what I have now. This is not the best day of my life. It’s quiet the opposite to be honest. But then again, I have a choice on how to react to it—that is, the choice to see the light amidst the darkness. I’ve been in the light for so long now I’ve chosen to never be afraid of the dark again. 

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