When God was Handing Out Boobs, I was First in Line

Some years ago, I decided to join a blogging contest sponsored by a well-known lingerie brand in the Philippines. I don’t really blog, but I hurriedly made one. I was enticed to join because I love that brand, and the prizes were not shabby at all. Someone else won, and I sulked for days after that, tee-hee.

Early this year, I looked for my blog and saw that Wacoal commented on it days after the contest. They wanted me to write a review for them. I was years too late! If only I’d seen it earlier… Wacoal, are you reading this?

I’ve decided to re post that blog entry here. I can’t access the old blog anymore. This is my 2nd foray into blogging. I’m hoping to be able to maintain it this time.

I have what most women covet— an ample chest. It became apparent I have big boobs the moment I started my period. If my mother had ultrasound pictures then, I swear I would be able to see a hint of my breasts in utero.  I was already a 36B when I was 16. It was a horrible time for me. Boys would gawk, girls would give me dirty looks. I tried to keep my twins hidden by covering them with my books, wearing loose tops, avoiding pathways where I could see a congregation of people (mostly boys who would like to stare!) or by placing a really large tote in front of my chest.


But I look back fondly at that time. I had a svelte form then. I would attend kegfests and not gain an inch. It was also the time I had no problem finding a bra. Albeit penniless, I can wear almost all styles, flowery or flirty. I could even work a strapless number. It didn’t matter that my undergarments were cheap — I had the perfect twins!

Age is just a number and my bra size should remain unlisted. Sixteen years and 30 lbs later, my bra size would yo-yo between 80C to 85D. I tried all the dieting schemes—name it, chances are, I’ve tried it. I also tried confusing my muscles. Naaah! My shoes gave up!  My hourglass shape became something else — round.  “Round is still a shape!” was my lame attempt at justifying my weight gain. My postpartum weight was like a lovesick stalker— it simply didn’t go away, didn’t give up, loved me to death. My twins were unhappy. I could only fit a locally made bra if it is a size 40C, 80C-85D for imported ones, depending on the style. I knew then I should kiss strapless and non-wired bras goodbye. The sinking realization came—I just couldn’t wear any bra anymore.

And so the search for the perfect bra commenced. I was determined to win the battle with my humongous third chin. Finding the perfect bra in my size, in this country, is like trying to find a unicorn. I scored the lingerie shops, online shops, bazaars, hole-in-the-wall boutiques, and ukay-ukay (yes I did!)! It was a hit-and-miss thing. Whenever I found a bra I thought to be it, there was always something wrong with it. Then I had an epiphany of sorts— not only is the perfect bra elusive, it is also ridiculously expensive! I firmly believe in investing in good bras, so I resorted to ordering mine online. Boy, did my wallet hurt!

I’ve always wondered how to tell bra manufacturers that there is a niche for bigger sized bras. You can cast an even bigger market should you have bigger sizes (42 D up). I have friends who complain often how hard it is to look for quality bras with queen sizes. The ones we often find are either matronly or not durable. I wish you will have more sizes  for us whose cups runneth over!

A few months ago during one lucid moment, I wandered off to the lingerie section of a mall, Wacoal’s specifically. I usually don’t bother looking at bras made locally because most of the time, they don’t carry my size. But that day, I struck gold! I found some Wacoal bras in my size. They fit really well, made my twins look gravity defying. Nothing says uh-oh like a bulging back fat, but the bras took care of that as well. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  And, ohhhh joy!!! They didn’t look  like any of the bras my grandmother wore.

The perfect bra opens lots of doors.  The perfect bra will make you look slimmer, taller and boosts your confidence. You can lose pounds instantly with the right undergarment. It also does wonders for the posture. When you feel good about yourself,  everything else follows. You will exude beauty and grace, and everyone around you responds accordingly.No more hiding for me. I can now strut like a 20-year-old. I can rock any outfit I didn’t think I could. Confident much, eh? My twins? Gone are the days they cower. Front and center, youthful and unbowed!

Wacoal is available at all leading department stores nationwide. You can also order online at wacoal.ph.

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